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Car Shopping Tips for Post-Secondary Grads

Many recent graduates have hefty student debts, and are trying to manage finances on entry-level salaries. Given all this, buying a car can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be.

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3 Unbeatable Road Trip Stops for Victoria Day Weekend

Victoria Day is the unofficial start of summer, which makes it the perfect time to hit the road and enjoy the warming weather and spring sights.

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How to Pick the Best Real Estate Agent

With warmer weather approaching, many people have begun preparing their homes to hit the real estate market. The process of buying or selling can be difficult, but having a good real estate agent can make the process a whole lot easier. So how do you know who will be right for the job? There are … Continue reading “How to Pick the Best Real Estate Agent”

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6 Clever Car Hacks for Surviving Spring Weather

April showers bring May flowers, but these car hacks will prepare you for anything the warmer, wetter weather brings.

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Weird Things You Need to Spring Clean: the Kitchen

Mop the floors. Check. Wipe the counters. Check. Most of us have a standard list of spring cleaning chores that we tackle when it’s time to air out and freshen up our homes. But when it comes to the kitchen, things can get … foul. Here are 6 kitchen spots you never thought to spring … Continue reading “Weird Things You Need to Spring Clean: the Kitchen”

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The Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in 2017

Every year, the Insurance Bureau of Canada reports on stolen vehicles and trends in vehicle theft across the country. Vehicle theft is a substantial, expensive issue for Canadians, costing us nearly $1 billion each year, a staggering figure that includes health care expenses, court costs, and police services.   Is your car a potential target … Continue reading “The Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in 2017”

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How to Get Rid of Mice in 4 Steps (and 4 Mousey Tidbits)

Have you recently discovered that you’re sharing your home with some unwelcome visitors? Find out how to get rid of mice (and learn more mouse info than you ever needed to know) in 4 steps.

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Top 4 Home Décor Trends for 2018

Home is where the heart is, but many say it’s also a reflection of your personality. Are you the ultra-modern type who’s always looking to introduce modern and innovative designs into your home, or do you prefer low-tech, cozy spaces where you can savor some family time?   Whatever your preference, we’ve rounded up the … Continue reading “Top 4 Home Décor Trends for 2018”

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5 Car Myths Busted

Automotive myths are as common as a rainstorm after a carwash. Find out which are fiction and which could be breaking your bank.

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What’s The Difference Between 2WD, 4WD, and AWD?

The way a car powers its wheels can make all the difference in harsh conditions. Find out the difference between 2-, 4-, and all-wheel drive vehicles and which one makes the most sense for your lifestyle.

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